Your Ceremony - Your Way


Hello there Brides and Grooms!!

First off, I'd like to welcome everyone to the blog and thank you all for coming to see us.

If you're looking around the site, then you are probably planning to get married. First of all - don't panic. Your wedding day is for you, and you should have the ceremony you want. That's our job.

If you want something simple, great. If you want something exotic and involved - go for it... But I will say, doing a 45 minute ceremony on the beach in Virginia in Mid-July with no shade might not be the best choice - for you or your guests. We can also help with some of that. 

Our job is to make sure that your wedding first of all fits what you want, and second of all makes sense with the resources available - sometime we have to figure out HOW to make it work, but our aim to to give you the ceremony you want. Your Ceremony - Your Way... Let us help make it happen.